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I am now managing Dance Journey in Berekeley. My DJ schedule can be found there.

I play Ambient Groove, Jazz, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Blues, Latin, and Classical sprinkled in. I enjoy playing acoustic as well as electronic music. What I try to provide is music that supports the expression of our souls and allows us to journey into uncommon states of being. My goal is to see the room enraptured and having a mystical experience.

A lot of people like to do Contact Improvisation to the music I play. It is my intention to offer music that supports rather than directs your movement. Therefore I play music that is either minimalist allowing lots of space for your expression or more complex music that gives the dancer an ability to select a variety of subset rhythms they can choose to follow.

Dance Journey Logo

Dance Journey takes place at:
The Sawtooth Building
2525 8th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

You may contact me for DeeJaying gigs

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