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Nirvana Cabana


The Nirvana Cabana is a 900 sq. ft. (30'x30') tent. This cozy environment is set up at the Northern California Dance Collective (NCDC) once a year for ten days.


The Nirvana Cabana is used for dancing and movement workshops. The interior is very plush with padded carpeting and back rest supported cushions around the perimeter. A state of the art sound system and theatrical lighting compliments your experience. This space when not being used for classes or dance jams is used as a sanctuary. An alter is set up for your contemplation and meditation. Please be considerate with your voice volume in this space when it is being used for meditation and quite space.


The Nirvana Cabana is an evolving space. Each year I hope to make it more lovely by adding artwork, wall hangings, and environmental control.

At this time Dance camp is the only venue that the tent is used for. The logistical support of getting the tent to a sight, set up and takedown takes four days. The tent and environment weighs three thousand pounds and can be fit in one truck. A flat space is preferable to set up the tent, asphalt, concrete or a large deck work well. Four people are needed to set up the tent which takes eight hours. Takedown is four hours and also needs four people.